Past Events



10 July 2014 – Launch of ‘The Official History of the Joint Intelligence Committee, Volume I’

Dr Michael Goodman

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Chaired by Lord Hennessy. Panellists will be Vice Adm Al Richards, Sir David Omand, Mr John Morrison

21 May 2014 - 'Marking 50 Years Since the Creation of the Defence Intelligence Staff'

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30 April 2014 – ‘Ethics in the Civil Service’

Lord O'Donnell

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9 April 2014 – ‘Constitutional Implications of Coalition Government’

Baroness Jay of Paddington

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2 April 2014 – ‘Two Futures For London’

Lord Adonis, Lord Heseltine & Professor Tony Travers as respondents

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26 March 2014 – ‘Sure Start: Its Challenge to the Conventional Machinery of Government’

Dame Tessa Jowell

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27 February 2014 – ‘Uncertainty And The Transition to a New Normal for Monetary Policy’

David Miles

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29 January 2014 – ‘The Science of Delivery’

Sir Michael Barber

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15 January 2014 – ‘The Treasury View: a Testament of Experience’

Sir Nicholas Macpherson

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MEG 100

‘How Government Really Works’

Tony Blair

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’5 Days in May: The Coalition and Beyond’

Lord Adonis

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2nd John Ramsden Memorial Event: ‘Thatcher and Whitehall’

Charles Moore

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‘Last Man Standing: Memoirs of a Political Survivor’

Jack Straw

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‘Tony Blair: Prime Minister’ New Edition

John Rentoul

MEG 98

‘The Euro: 10th Anniversary of the Assessment of the Five Economic Tests’

Dave Ramsden (Chief Economic Adviser to the Treasury)

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MEG 97

‘Foreign Becomes Domestic: The Work of the British Ambassador to Yemen’

Nicholas Hopton

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Dr Ben Broadbent

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MEG 95

‘Tech City from a CEO/Founder’s Perspective’

Kam Star

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MEG 94

‘The Case for the Prosecution: independence and the public interest’

Dominic Grieve

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MEG 93

3rd Michael Quinlan Memorial Lecture, ‘The Ultimate Weapon: Deterrent or Dinosaur?’

Baroness Williams

MEG 92

‘Science Policy in the Real World’

David Willetts, Lord Sainsbury & Lord Waldegrave

MEG 91

‘The Origins of Treasury Control’

Sir Nicholas Macpherson


MEG 90

‘Coalition Policy-Making’

Oliver Letwin

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MEG 89

‘Saving the World? Gordon Brown Reconsidered’

William Keegan

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MEG 88

‘Education, Education, Education’

Lord Adonis

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MEG 87

‘The Official History of Britain and the European Community, Vol. II: From Rejection to Referendum, 1963-1975′

Sir Stephen Wall

MEG 86

What the 2012 US election will mean for the UK

Sir Nigel Sheinwald

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MEG 85


Sir Kevin Tebbit & Sir David Omand

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MEG 84

The Burden of Power: Countdown to Iraq – The Alastair Campbell Diaries

Alastair Campbell

MEG 83

‘Distilling the Frenzy: Writing the History of One’s Own Times’

Peter Hennessy

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MEG 82

‘What is Ethical Foreign Policy Leadership?’

Professor Joseph Nye

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MEG 81

‘The Past, Present and Future of Tech City’

Ben Hammersley

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MEG 80

The Future of the City of London

Stephen Hammond MP

MEG 79

‘Being Shadow Chancellor’

Ed Balls

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MEG 78

The History of North Sea Oil and Gas

Professor Alex Kemp


MEG 77

‘The theory and practice of taking the Cabinet Minutes’

Sir Gus O'Donnell & Lord Armstrong

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MEG 76

‘Liberal Conservatism’

David Willetts

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MEG 75

‘Unveiling the Attlee Statue’

Lord Hennessy and Lord Mandelson

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MEG 74

‘The future of the House of Commons’

Tony Wright

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MEG 73

’1911 Parliament Act and the House of Lords’

Baroness Hayman

MEG 72

‘Cabinets and the Bomb’

Peter Hennessy

MEG 71

‘The Tories and the Lords’

Lord Hurd

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MEG 70

‘Being Chancellor’

Lord Healey

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MEG 69

‘The Parliament Act of 1911′

John Bercow

MEG 68

‘The Secret State: Preparing for the Worst 1945-2010

Peter Hennessy

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MEG 67

‘Securing the State’

Sir David Omand

MEG 66

’100th Anniversary of MI6′

Professor Keith Jeffery

MEG 65

‘The Physiology of British Government

Professor Anthony King

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MEG 64

‘Reflections on Intelligence’

Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller


MEG 63

‘Ministers and Permanent Secretaries’

Sir Nicholas Montagu, John McAuslan, Mark Addison

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MEG 62

‘Transitions of Government’

Peter Riddell

MEG 61

’100th Anniversary of MI5.’

Professor Christopher Andrew

MEG 60

‘The World in 2050′

Professor Martin Rees

MEG 59

‘Arts and the Media’

Lord Melvyn Bragg

MEG 58

‘British Constitutional Changes: Trivial or Transforming?’

Professor Robert Hazell

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MEG 57

‘A Comparison of London and New York Public Transportation Systems’

Tony Travers

MEG 56

‘Energy and the Middle East’

Sir Mark Allen


MEG 55


Lord Donoughue, Lord McNally, William Keegan

MEG 54

‘International Institutional Reform: Making the World Work Better.’

Lord Malloch-Brown

MEG 53

‘How Green Politics went Mainstream’

Sir Crispin Tickell

MEG 52

‘Tony in 2025: Blair as History’

John Rentoul

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MEG 51

‘The Vision of Canary Wharf’

Lord Heseltine

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MEG 50

‘Why do we still have a monarchy?’

Jeremy Paxman

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MEG 49

‘Women in the Lords: Politics and the media – Better or Worse in the last fifty years?’

Rt Hon Baroness Jay of Paddington

MEG 48

‘War and its Consequences’

General the Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank

MEG 47

‘Civil Nuclear Energy since 1945: The Lessons’, in partnership with the Science Museum and the British Academy

Professor Sir Roger Williams

MEG 46

‘Women in the Lords: Police and the Public in the 21st century’

Baroness James of Holland Park

MEG 45

‘Memories of Sir William Armstrong’

Peter Jay, Philip Connelly and Peter Armstrong

MEG 44

‘Women in the Lords: Women’s Work in the House of Lords: Culture, Language and Identity’

Baroness Young of Hornsey

MEG 43

‘Women in the Lords: Britain’s global role in the next decade’

Baroness Williams of Crosby

MEG 42

‘Journalism and History’

Andrew Marr

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MEG 41

‘Women in the Lords: The Life Peerages Act – Woman and Change in the House of Lords since 1958′

Baroness Hayman (the Lord Speaker)

MEG 40

‘Next Steps’

Kate Jenkins

MEG 39

‘The New Security Architecture’

Sir Richard Mottram

MEG 38

‘Britain and America, Ideology gone West’

James Naughtie

MEG 37

2nd Michael Young Memorial Lecture in partnership with the Young Foundation, Professor Sir Peter Hall, ‘London Lives, London Voices’.

Professor Sir Peter Hall

MEG 36

‘Instruction to Deliver: Tony Blair, the Public Services and the Challenge of Delivery’

Professor Sir Michael Barber

MEG 35

‘More Than A Game’

Sir John Major

MEG 34

‘The New Protective State’

Professor Peter Hennessy

MEG 33

‘War Cabinets’

Sir Robert Wade-Gery

MEG 32

‘Good and Bad Power’

Geoff Mulgan


MEG 31

’30th Anniversary of the British IMF Negotiations’

Keegan, Williams, McNally, Raphael, Donoghue, Stephenson, Jay, Bailey

MEG 30

‘Power, Premiers and the Press’

Alan Rusbridger, Professor Colin Seymour-Ure respondent

MEG 29

‘Having It So Good: Britain In The Fifties’

Professor Peter Hennessy

MEG 28

‘Terrorist challenge: the long term context’

Sir Kevin Tebbit

MEG 27

‘Protecting the citizen in the 21st Century – issues and challenges’

Sir Richard Mottram

MEG 26

‘The Ethics of Intelligence’

Sir Michael Quinlan, Sir David Omand and Sir Kevin Tebbit respondents

MEG 25

‘The Anthony Sampson Memorial Seminar: Oil and Politics’

Lord Browne of Madingley, Sir Kevin Tebbit respondent

MEG 24

‘The Star Wars theory of Civil Service reform’

Sir David Omand, Sir Robin Mountfield

MEG 23

‘Blog-off? – Weblogs vs. Journalism: The Future of Newspapers’

Alan Rusbridger

MEG 22

‘The Rise and Rise of the Special Adviser: From Thomas Balogh to David Cameron’

Dr Andrew Blick, Lord Lipsey


MEG 21

‘The Unfulfilled Prime Minister’

Peter Riddell, Robert Hill

MEG 20

The Michael Young Memorial Lecture (in association with the Young Foundation): ‘On Meritocracy’

Professor George Steiner, Professor Peter Hennessy respondent

MEG 19

‘A Bridge Too Far: Foreign Policy from Suez to Basra’

Philip Stephens, Professor Peter Hennessy

MEG 18

‘The Butler Report One Year On’

Lord Butler of Brockwell, Sir David Omand respondent

MEG 17

‘How Do Central Governments Think? Lessons from British History and Abroad’

Dr Geoff Mulgan, Dr William Plowden respondent

MEG 16

‘The Need for an Impartial Civil Service’

Gillian Shephard MP, Professor Rodney Lowe respondent

MEG 15

‘The Changes to the Civil Service from Thatcher to Blair’

Sir Christopher Foster, Sir Robin Mountfield

MEG 14

‘The Aides of British Prime Ministers from Walpole to Blair, 1721 to 2005′

Professor George Jones (LSE), David Willetts MP Respondent

MEG 13

‘How the Prime Minister gets things done; Peter Riddell’

Professor Michael Barber, Peter Riddell

MEG 12

‘Rab, ROBOT and the Fork in the Road’

Lord Lawson, Professor Peter Hennessy & Sir Samuel Brittan


MEG 11

‘The Changing Role of Government in Economic Policy: Searching for the Holy Grail if it Even Exists’

Sir Samuel Brittan, Lord Peston of Mile End

MEG 10

‘Contemporary Whitehall Reform: Good and Bad’

Sir Kevin Tebbit (Permanent Under Secretary, Ministry of Defence),Peter Riddell (Associate Editor of The Times)


‘Cinema-Graphic Representation of Nuclear War’

Matt Grant


‘The History and Sociology of the 1950s’

Professor Hennessy & Anthony Sampson


‘The Mechanics of the Defence Intelligence Staff’

Peter Davies, Professor Peter Davies


‘The Fight-Back of the Labour Right 1981-84′

Dianne Hayter, John Rentoul


‘Editing the Douglas Haig Diaries’

Garry Sheffield, Dr Dan Todman


‘The Blair Government Revisited’

Lord Wilson


‘London-Dublin relations 1970-74′

Fearghal McGoveran


‘BBC World Service and Whitehall in the early post-war period’

Alban Webb, Robert Fox


‘Whitehall reform 1970-74′

Jon Davis, Sir Robin Mountfield (former Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office)