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A Step-By-Step Guide To Sliding Glass Door Roller Replacement

Sliding glass door roller replacement is a lot easier than you might think. All that you need are a few simple tools, a little bit of free time, and someone to help you lift and move the door. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to replace sliding glass door roller:

1. Gather your supplies. The primary tool that you need for this project is a Phillips head screwdriver. If you have a screen door, you may also need a couple of stiff putty knives to help lift it off of the tracks.

2. Remove the screen door. To get the door out of the frame, lift it straight up, pushing it as high as it will go into the top of the door frame. From there, you should be able to swing the bottom of the door forward, removing it from the tracks. Then, it is simply a matter of lowering the door down toward the ground to allow the top to be released from the frame. If you have trouble getting the bottom of the door out of the tracks, try sliding a putty knife between the base of the door and the frame to gently lift it.

3. Remove the sill plate from the base of the door. If you look closely at the tracks, you will notice a metal plate that is installed in front of the door. It runs the entire length of the track and is designed to help hold the door in place. This plate needs to be removed before the door can be taken out of the frame. In some cases, you will need to pry the plate out. In other cases, it will be held in place with screws which need to be removed before it can be taken out of the track.

4. Raise the rollers on the door. If you inspect the base of the door near the rollers, you will see that there are two screws. If you turn the bottom screw clockwise, it will raise the rollers up into the door, making it easier to get out of the tracks. Do this on both sides of the door.

5. Lift the door off the tracks. Again, lift it straight up into the air so the top of the door goes into the upper portion of the frame. Then, swing the base of the door out and lower it back down to the ground.

6. Remove the rollers. Carry the door to a flat table with your assistant. Then, unscrew the top screw near the roller on each side of the door to remove the old rollers. Slide the new rollers into place and secure them with the top screw. Use the bottom screws to raise the rollers as far up into the door as they will go.

7. Reinstall the door. Once the new rollers are in place, you just have to repeat this process in reverse, putting the door back onto the tracks, reinstalling the metal base plate, and putting the screen door back in place. According to A5 Door specialist. don’t forget to clean the tracks before replacing the door.

As you can see, sliding glass roller replacement is a fairly straightforward process that you should be able to easily complete in an afternoon. For more information, you can visit

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