4 Early Signs of Air-conditioner Needs Maintenance

There are days when the heat becomes unbearable, especially during summer. We always find ways to keep ourselves cool and avoid the summer heat. Some go to the beach, and local swimming pools take a dip and dive in the cool waters. While others travel to ski resorts to enjoy the cold weather. And for those with a little out of budget just go to the mall and enjoy its free air-conditioning. Although doing all these things is nice, nothing beats just staying at home keeping yourself cool courtesy of your air-conditioner.

Like all machines, Air-conditioners can break and get damaged over time. They require maintenance and repairs to prolong its life and maintain its purpose of providing comfort to our homes. After a few years or so problems will sure to arise, and it is important to know what to do when this happens. Air-conditioner owners should know the signs and symptoms of these problems and do their best to fix it before it gets worse. They should also have the number of an aircon service at the ready to get a fix if they need one.

Diagnosing the problems of your Air-conditioner early is a good habit to avoid further damage and having the problem get worse. You should be able to tell if something is wrong when the following are observed upon having the Air-conditioners on;

1. Air-conditioner Produces Low/No Cool at All

The units cool air is not cooler than normal or sometimes even no cool air is produced at all. You may just have the thermostat set too low or need to clean your air conditioner, but worse case scenario is there must be something wrong with the refrigerant running low, tubes getting clogged, or other.

2. Air-conditioner Produces Weird Sounds

Hearing weirder sounds than normal when having the unit on is a sign that there’s something wrong. Sounds may be caused by dust and debris accumulated over time, so you may just need to clean your unit, but worse case scenario is there must be an issue with its compressor, tubes, and other electric components.

3. Air-conditioner Turns On and Off by Itself

Issue may be due to faulty wires, unstable power source, or the units thermostat settings. Upon checking all these and all seems normal, then worse case scenario is there must be a problem with the units breaker or other internal parts.

4. Air-conditioner Doesn’t Turn on At All

The issue may be due to faulty wires or unstable power source, but worse case scenario is that the units breaker may be damaged and other electrical components as well.

Having your air-conditioner at home is a must especially when you are living in regions with hot tropical climates. During the day, they make hot days bearable by providing cool air indoors despite the rising temperature outside. And at night, they provide cool temperatures to enjoy a good night’s rest. Air-conditioners make your home a comfortable place to live therefore you must practice diagnosing the problems of your air-conditioner early to keep it in excellent working performance.