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How To Choose The Best Air cooler

Now that summer is here, air conditioning is a must-have to maintain mental sanity. Sometimes, we go for air conditioning not just because it’s summer, but due to thermal exposure in our workplaces and homes, therefore the need for an airconditioning device. Choosing the best air cooler Malaysia can be weary, bearing in mind that there are tens if not hundreds of options to choose from. With this in mind, here are the 5 top things to consider when choosing an air cooler:

1. Design/ Outlook.

An air cooler is not an appliance you will take and hide inside a box. It is a device that will be out in the open in any room. It should, therefore, match or at least complement the décor of the room its placed in, be it an office, bedroom, lounge, or workshop. Nowadays, they come in all colors and chic stylish designs so no one has any excuse for buying a grotesque air cooler. If you look at tower coolers for example, not only do they occupy less space, but they can also be placed strategically in corners to make a room look contemporary.

2. Convenience Features

According to an air cooler review, to make use easier, the cooler should have features that make it easily adaptable which include:

• The presence of castor wheels or optional attachable wheels – This makes an air cooler, which is a bit heavy portable. This could save you the cost of having to buy two air coolers for different rooms. You could, for example, use it in the lounge during the day and in the bedroom by night.

• Built-In Ice Chamber – These are mostly found in evaporative coolers and are convenient since they offer you a cool drink besides cooling your air, on the hottest days.

• Humidity control- Sometimes evaporative coolers can release too much moisture which can make the room clammy, therefore uncomfortable. A good cooler will have an automated detection system to prevent this from happening.

• Remote control – Even in the comfort of your seat, you could change the cooler’s settings without having to get up, which is convenient especially in bedrooms.

3. Air coolers that work on inverters

Standard air coolers are renowned for their ability to consume low energy. Nowadays, they are even more enhanced, with even lower energy consumption. These are air coolers that can work on inverters, which literally consume up to 50% less energy. This increased efficiency reduces your electricity bill.

4. Fan Settings

Temperature levels vary, meaning the cooler you go for has to offer options for different thermal conditions. When going for fans, for example, ensure that the built-in fan’s speed can be manipulated to offer low, medium, high, and a variety of other modes for proper feel on your skin at all times.

5. Price

As with all items, you have to consider the cost of whatever kind of air cooling system you go for. This should be chosen in relation to the uses. Small bedrooms, for example, will need smaller fans that are efficient. A big complex system, in this case, would not only be extravagant but ineffective, perhaps providing more conditioning than the room can handle making it cold.

A simple but brief guide, yet invaluable. With this, you’re assured of picking the best air cooler for your home and business. It is also wise to know the range of temperatures found in your home or office in order to choose the best model as per the capacity required!

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